Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here's a rundown of what has been happening with Ian over the last few days. Starting Friday night a nasty belly bug creeped into our house. It started with Jay, then Audrey. They kicked it fast. Ian began vomiting Sunday night. We slept about two hours that night. The rest of the time was spent cleaning up after him. He continued to throw up throughout the day on Monday. Angelia came to my rescue and kept Jay for the day and then had him spend the night. I would have been dying without her help! Andy is in Sacramento for 6 days so I was on my own. I questioned Ian's hydration levels on Monday night but he began to keep some fluids down. Tuesday morning he was lethargic. From 11 am to 1:30 pm, he really took a dive. We got to the doctor and they started an iv, did bloodwork. After three bags of fluids he was getting worse. The doctor decided that I needed to take him Childrens. His glucose levels were low so they wanted to get him to drink some juice. We couldn't get him to wake him. So...the ambulance was called. It broke my heart to stand there and watch my tiny little boy wheeled away on a gurney without me. I raced Jay and Ian to Ang's and met Ian in the ER. We were officially admitted to the hospital around 2 am this morning after 3 iv's, 2 blood draws, and 4 rounds of Starbucks! Ian was great though. He was mean at times, including taking a swing at the nurse when she had to attempt another IV because his veins kept collapsing and insisting on pinching me whenever he felt like it. He amused the ER nurses with his repeated requests to go home and get a donut at Starbucks. And of course in true Ian fashion, he showed a nurse how to get the dvd player woring when it jammed. That earned a bunch of extra stickers and some high-5's from the cops that found him hysterical. Around 1 am I began to realize that you know you have been in the hospital too long when you can begin to distinguish between a gurney, an iv pole, or the housekeepers cart simply by the sound the wheels make. The doctor came in around 8 am and they were a little concerned at how slowly he was responding to all of the fluids he had received. His face was beginning to get puffy and his toes looked like sausages. But the doctor made Ian's day when he told him that he could have a donut. I headed straight to Starbucks and after 200+ requests (at least) over the last 12 hours, Ian took two bites of it and fell asleep. At least I got a smile out of him for the first time in two days! We made friends with the 11 month old little girl in the room next door. Ian had fun waving at her through her window and making faces at her. She blew him kisses. He was taken off fluids around 11 am. We walked the halls and I pushed Ian on a little car. At one point he insisted on walking but only made it about two doors down the hall before sitting down. A guy came over and told him that he needed Ian to move because Ian was sitting in the path of the sweeper and he didn't want to suck Ian up. Ian looked at him and matter-of-factly told him "Go around me then." LOL As the afternoon wore on, I became concerned because he was once again refusing foods and fluids. But thankfully his bloodwork came perfect. Glucose was still a little low but the doctor was very pleased. We got home close to 6 this evening and we were met by both grandma's. Audrey really missed her mama and did a little dance for me. Jay is glad to have his brother home. I was talking my sister-in-law this morning and she was laughing at how many times Ian has been to the hospital. This was his 5th time. He will be 3 in a month! Maybe all this hospital/ER time will mean that he will end up being a wealthy doctor. That would be awesome because he is certainly going to owe Andy and I a fantastic nursing home after all the stress he puts us through!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My First Blog

Since many people around me are bloggers, i thought i would jump on the bandwagon. I am 29 almost 30! I have been married to Andy for 9 1/2 years. We have 3 kids. Jay is 4 1/2, Ian is about a month away from his third birthday, and Audrey is 14 months. I have the privilege of staying home with my kids. I have to remind myself almost daily that it is a privilege because it's hard!! There are many days where a drive to Starbucks is required before I go bonkers. But then Jay politely holds open the door for a woman entering the store, Ian starts counting to twenty in Spanish, or Audrey folds her hands and says "AAA" (her version of amen) before we eat a meal and I am suddenly reminded why I am home with them. Andy is the...hold on, i need to check and see what his official title is...ok, he is the Manager of Agent Development for Guarantee Real Estate. He really enjoys his job and he rocks at it! Laundry is calling my name so I guess that's it for my first "get-to-know" me blog. Stay never know what might in happen in our house. Like yesterday when Jay told me that Dad had told him that he couldn't play "tug-o-whore" with the resistance bands. :-)